Seeing that the situation had become like this, Yuqi had to stay on the first floor with them. Chen Wen moved his wrist and shone the light on a wooden table in the corner. Schumann looked down the beam of the flashlight and sighed softly, "a lot of spider webs." Yuqi stood behind them and raised her voice slightly. "There seems to be something on the table." Chen Wen moved the light column, so all three of them saw clearly that it was an old pen. Schumann reached for it, opened the cap and looked at it. He found nothing special and put it back. Seeing that they had almost seen the first floor, Yuqi suggested going upstairs-she had just seen a vague shadow on the half-broken window of the left room on the second floor before she came in. Originally Schumann was a little scared, but after staying on the first floor for a while, he didn't encounter anything supernatural, so he was relieved and casually said, "Then go upstairs and clean up while it's still light. Let's stay here tonight." The villa is located in a remote area. It took them half a day to walk here. It's a little late to go back now. What's more, they came here specially not to visit and leave. The so-called exploration is to stay here for at least two or three days to experience it. Who knows three people have not walked up the stairs, behind him came a "bang" sound, in a silence is particularly abrupt. Schumann was the first to turn around, sweep his flashlight and breathe a sigh of relief. "It's all right. The pen fell down just now." Said to take the lead in walking upstairs, Chen Wen looked back and followed upstairs, Yuqi stood in place, slightly frowning. Logically speaking, the pen will not roll off the table in any case because of the cap. How did it fall to the ground? Yuqi went over and checked the four legs of the table, which were almost the same length,coltan ore processing, so there was no possibility of the pen sliding down because of the large inclination of the table. Then there was only one thing left. She bent down to pick up the pen and gently put it back on the table. Then she looked around and said in a low voice, "Sorry, we tampered with your things." Had it not been for the fact that the object of this mission was him, no matter how calm and rational Yuqi was, she would not have talked to a ghost as if nothing had happened. It is a lie to say that there is no fear at all, but since we have chosen to engage in this industry, it is impossible to stop because of this little fear. For a long time,small gold wash plant, the pen on the table trembled slightly, and the position of the nib turned a very small angle, pointing to the door. Yuqi naturally understood what this meant, and he let himself out of here. This is normal, he is a resentful spirit, not some innocent and kind mountain elf, will give directions to lost travelers. He lingered in the world because he resented the world, and it was a kind of friendship not to do it now. Yuqi sighed to herself and shook her head. "I'm sorry to bother you, but it's getting late. If we leave now, the three of us will have to sleep in the open." This time she did not receive any response, but the atmosphere in the room became more and more cold, as if the darkest emotions in the world were concentrated in this corner, and the invisible pressure slowly pushed forward, almost making people breathless. Yuqi stood there very calmly, coltan ore processing ,gold heap leaching, not panicked, not at a loss, her voice softly tunnel, "perhaps, we can do something for you as compensation?" In the original novel, it was because his bones had been exposed in the wilderness that he stayed in the world, and the hero and heroine helped him to collect his bones before he could leave safely. So Yuqi guessed that he needed someone to help him finish it. The pen on the table trembled slightly, and the cold breath in the room stagnated for a moment, as if the owner of the villa was thinking about it. After a while, the real sticky smell slowly receded, as if the black sea water slowly ebbed in the middle of the night, and the fresh air outside the house was re-injected. Yuqi breathed a sigh of relief and turned her head slightly to look at the warm sunshine outside the door. For a moment, she felt as if it were a lifetime ago. She turned and nodded gently at the pen on the table. "Thank you." Then he walked to the second floor without looking back. The author has something to say: Very good, it's time for the daily lecture on "Girls in Fudan". [Where is this kind of thing? First of all, let me talk about my feelings in Fudan University these two days. First of all, I like the campus of Fudan University very much. It is a place that can surprise you in any corner. For example, there is a sign hanging in a dilapidated car shed next to our dormitory building No.3, which says that we should be ambitious in adversity and self-disciplined in prosperity. Every day when I lock the car, I can see this sentence when I look up. The first time I see it, I really feel WOW ~ ~ ~ ~ And I'm from Renzhong Academy, and then on the door of the boys' dormitory building, there are two lines of couplets of Renzhong Academy [Mechanics is like a mountain with nine feet high and must fall short, and the practice of benevolence is like the sea of law, which is very full and still accepts thousands of streams]. It's very profound, isn't it? But if you read it several times, you will naturally understand its meaning. Then there were a lot of lectures and they benefited a lot. For example, I attended a mingclub lecture tonight. The whole hall was crowded with people. Half an hour before the start, the queue was at least 50 meters long and turned several corners. In the end, no one could sit down. Many people stood, and some even sat on the floor to listen. Then the speeches of the seniors were too provocative. I listened to it with the purpose of passing the time, but in the end, I racked my brains and tried my best to squeeze in. I even felt that as long as I joined this club, my future life would be infinitely brilliant. When I calmed down, I could not help sighing that their speech level was really superb. There are professors, how to say, it is certain that the good and bad are intermingled, even Fudan can not teach all the talented and rich, humorous, wise and profound. In fact, some professors read from the textbook, and some lecturers are not much better than the psychological teachers in the attached middle school, but there are still many professors who are really learned, and listening to his class is really a kind of enjoyment,magnetic separator machine, and what you learn is not only knowledge, but also a way of thinking and thinking to explore academics, which is really beneficial.