The word "matchless arrow" was originally a true saying. Once the arrow came out, it would take the life of Prince Jinwu. However, she was attracted by the explosion of the big array and could not help looking at it. For this reason, she was delayed. Taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Prince Jinwu tore off a small half of his body, got rid of the lock of the law God chain, and fled in an instant. Ha, the arrow is matchless, I won! At this time, Long Jingxian rushed out riding Kui Niu and said proudly. Arrow matchless cold hum, originally she is the victory in hand, if she is not to see the big array explosion, she would have taken the life of Prince Jinwu with an arrow! "Don't be unconvinced." Li Qiye shook his head gently with a smile and said, "This is a lesson. On the battlefield, success or failure is often decided by one thought." Arrow matchless put away nine language true bow, silent, she admitted in her heart that she was too careless, otherwise, Prince Jinwu had no chance to escape! All of a sudden, the presence of a lot of people are silent, the arrow matchless defeat prince Jinwu, dragon Jingxian break the sky array of the peerless array,calcium ammonium nitrate price, from beginning to end, Li Qiye did not even move a finger, can easily solve the enemy, this serves to show Li Qiye inside information! "Cut, this girl thought how great the big array of Tianzhen Zong was, and it was done in three or five times.". Take your imperial array, this girl is still interested in breaking it again! Long Jingxian sat on Kui Niu and said triumphantly. All of a sudden, the sky array Shaohuang's face is hard to see the extreme,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he is very confident about his big array, this is the masterpiece of the sky array, even if not as good as the emperor array, is also a great big array. However, it was a shame for them to be easily broken by an unknown woman. Long Jingxian easily broke the big array, but also reversed the big array to host all the strong people killed, this is not surprising, she was born immortal life, in terms of talent no one can match! No matter how mysterious and profound the array is, she can crack it after looking at it for a while! It can be said that the world can baffle her array is very few! "Hum, so what if we break the big array?" Tianzhen Shaohuang said coldly, "The beast earth is shared by all the people in the world. Li Qiye, if you want to swallow the beast earth alone, that's impossible. Don't say that my second brother won't agree, and neither will our Tianzhen Zong!" "Shameless-" Tianzhen Shaohuang's words made some strong monks who were watching from a distance scold softly. Li Qiye took one look at the Emperor of the Celestial Array, and then looked at the elders of the Celestial Array Sect who were present. He turned up the corners of his mouth, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, smiled faintly, and said, "Since you Celestial Array Sect must seek death, I will help you.". What Tianzhen Zong, what Ye Qingcheng, in my eyes, is not even bullshit! "Unbridled!" At this time, the elder of the Heavenly Array Sect couldn't help it. He jumped out and said sternly, "Li Qiye, as soon as the Emperor Array of the Heavenly Array Sect comes out, it can slaughter the gods and suppress the demons!"! If you have the ability, you might as well come to our Heaven Formation Sect and walk into the Emperor Formation! "What's so great about Tianzhen Zong?"! Slaughter you today, have the ability to move your emperor array out! At this time, a voice fell from the sky. The voice was overbearing and clear. As soon as I heard the voice, I knew it was a girl who said this. However, such words from a girl's mouth, but loud, sonorous and forceful, not inferior to any man! When there was a boom, a huge continent flew over the sky. When the huge continent flew, it covered the sky and made countless people look up. This continent is magnificent, falling down a law like a waterfall, each law is like a mountain range, such a law falls down from the continent, it seems that it can crush everything, nothing can stop the pace of this continent, anything in front of it will be crushed by such a continent! "Emperor Jiang Mei Ao Man!" Seeing such a domineering continent, someone screamed. Emperor Jiang Mei Ao Nan is a genius rising after Ye Qingcheng. When Ye Qingcheng was famous all over the world, Mei Ao-nan made his debut. However, in just a few years, Mei Ao-nan deterred the world and subdued many strong giants. There were many insufferably arrogant people working for him. In just a few years, Mei Ao-nan's prestige is close to Ye Qingcheng. Although Ye Qingcheng is still known as the first person of the younger generation in the field of stone medicine, some people think that Mei Ao-nan may take the title of the first person of Ye Qingcheng. As the most powerful genius in the world of stone medicine, Mei Ao-nan and Ye Qingcheng have long been separated, the forces of both sides have been friction and conflict, the two geniuses only did not fight directly! At the end of the month, please vote for Xiao Sheng. Thank you. (To be continued.) D40120B Chapter 852 imperial territory. ? No pop-up window to read the domain name of this site online Mobile phone synchronous reading please visit Emperor Jiang Mei Ao man arrived, immediately let the whole scene quiet, many strong people in the heart of a Rin. The shadow of the tree, the name of the person, in today, the emperor Xinjiang Mei Ao man's prestige is absolutely no less than Ye Qingcheng. Although Mei Ao-nan was born in the Jianlong family, her fame did not rely on the Jianlong family. Apart from being the son and daughter of the family, she did not have the shadow of the family in other aspects. As a son and daughter of the Jianlong family of the three emperors, Mei Aonan did not rely on the Jianlong family, but walked out of her own way outside the Jianlong Family, and deterred the world, and her fame was close to Ye Qingcheng, which was so remarkable. Mei Ao-nan's words were passed down from the emperor's territory,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, which made the emperor and the elders of the Tianzhen Sect extremely angry. Their Tianzhen Sect was also the immortal gate of the emperor. Now Mei Ao-nan threatened to slaughter their Tianzhen Sect as soon as he opened his mouth. This is simply to regard them as nothing. Mei Ao Nan, don't think you can do whatever you want when you become famous. Compared with my second brother Ye Qingcheng, you are still a little worse. Tianzhen Shaohuang said coldly.