& quot; Yeah. 。 & quot; Cheng Ying nodded. , & quot; hard-won 。 " That's why I cherish it. 。 Yu Songling chuckled. Looking at the snowflakes falling slowly in the sky, it is snowing. Let's go back. " & quot; Good 。 " Yu Songling led the horse and helped Chengying get on the horse, while he led the reins and walked slowly forward. Dare to let the prince lead the horse. I'm afraid I'm still the first person. & quot; Cheng Ying laughed. 。 & quot; Haha Prince or prince, I am always me, just as you are always you. If even this achievement is forgotten, what qualifications do I have to want to sit on these thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. Yu Songling turned his head. With a smile, Cheng Ying was intoxicated. 92 | Extra Wedding This day is a big day for the whole country to celebrate. Prince Yu Songling took Baili's Chengying as his concubine. On this day, all the palace ladies and eunuchs got up early and wanted to take advantage of today's opportunity to join in the fun and take a peek at what the prince of the legendary posture of heaven and man looked like. There were also many people who wanted to see how beautiful the prince of the Baili clan, who was about to become the crown princess, was, so as to make the peerless prince obsessed. With their own mentality,disc air diffuser, everyone is busy, and the whole palace is full of people. Cheng Ying lost his sleepiness early in the morning, stroked his round stomach and said gently, "Good boy!" Be obedient today, and don't let dad make a fool of himself at the ceremony later. " The maidservant Xiaoqiao congratulated the Crown Princess. May the empress and the prince be United forever. A woman official walked in outside the door. He knelt down respectfully. Get up! 。 Cheng Ying handed her the red envelope wrapped in advance. 。 Thank the Empress for her reward. 。 Xiaoqiao took the red envelope with both hands. Looking up,Belt Filter Press, the Crown Princess was really a beauty. Apart from anything else, her eyes like an autumn pool were calm but bottomless, with a bit of coldness and alienation, but it added a sense of mystery and made people want to explore and understand. Xiaoqiao seemed to understand why the crown prince made him the crown princess despite the opposition of the important officials. "It's really a beauty," he said in his heart. 。” Xiaoqiao took out Rouge, gouache and combs of different sizes from the box behind her and said respectfully, "The maidservant came to help the empress dress up." Cheng Ying thought it was ridiculous. How could he dress up with these Rouge and gouache? He said lightly, "I don't need these. You can take them back." "How can this be done?" Xiaoqiao said, "Today is your wedding day. There are rules for what you wear. You don't let the maidservant dress up. It's really embarrassing for the maidservant." Cheng Ying looked ugly and pursed his lips. Although he didn't want to do it, disc air diffuser ,rapid sand filters, he didn't want the ministers who had opposed him to be the Crown Princess to catch him because of this, which made Yu Songling embarrassed. Then have to say: "I do not besmear Rouge gouache, you come over to comb my hair." I'll do it. A voice came from outside the door. Yu Songling came in in a wedding robe. Prince, you can't see the Crown Princess now! Xiaoqiao hurriedly covered Chengying's face with his sleeve and said. What are you afraid of? I've seen this face for years. Yu Songling smiled and pushed aside his small hand, and the face of Chengying behind his sleeve had a faint smile, but there was no shame that the bride should have. Is this Rouge and gouache for you? Yu Songling played with a box of Rouge and said with a bad smile. Cheng Ying pursed his lips and did not answer. Leave it to me. You go down first. Yu Songling took the comb in Xiaoqiao's hand and said. But the prince. Xiaoqiao was waiting to say something, but suddenly she was stunned. She saw Yu Songling raising the corners of her mouth and smiling on her beautiful face. She didn't know how to describe that smile. She only felt the sunshine shining through the window screen into the room, shaking her eyes. "Well, excuse me, maidservant." Xiaoqiao retreated obediently under the capture of Song Ling's smile. That female official, very troublesome appearance. Cheng Ying frowned slightly and said. No way, the royal etiquette is more, like now, we should not be able to meet before the ceremony. If you look at the jade hairpin and Buyao on the table again, how to wear them, they are all exquisite and can't be used indiscriminately. Yu Songling explained. So you used your best trick to get rid of her. "A good trick?" Yu Songling was puzzled. Smile all over the city. Cheng Ying answered. Haha ~ ~ ~ "Yu Songling was amused by a serious face of Chengying to laugh." Am I really going to wear those? Cheng Ying asked with some embarrassment. Haha ~ ~ Of course not, it's a woman's thing. How can I let you wear it? Yu Songling smiled and gently combed Chengying's long hair with a comb. But Will those ministers make use of the topic to play? Cheng Ying is a little worried. ~ ~ Make use of the topic to play? What's the point? Yu Songling chuckled and raised his hand to rub the broken hair in front of his forehead. The same movement lasted for several years unconsciously. "Don't think too much." Cheng Ying held Yu Songling's hand and his eyes were red. Sentimentality is not for you. Yu Songling smiled. When things that I dare not dream of come true one day, I can't believe it all of a sudden. Cheng Ying kissed Yu Song Ling's hand, "Ling, I am really happy and lucky." Smiling, Yu Songling put a coin in Cheng Ying's hand: "We are just like the two sides of this coin. Although there are many differences, we are inseparable. Your luck is my luck. With you, my value is complete." With a slightly trembling hand, Cheng Ying rubbed the coppers repeatedly in his hands, and then carefully put them into his arms. At the grand ceremony, Cheng Ying, dressed in red and wearing red gauze, did not dress up according to the rules after all. Yu Songling, who did not take it seriously,lamella tube, led him slowly with red silk, saluted and bowed to the emperor and empress. When he was preparing to worship his ancestors, he suddenly got the news that the ladder leading to Cheng's terrace was inexplicably broken. khnwatertreatment.com