The old hoodlum asked, naturally seeing at a glance Lin Tian's dissatisfaction with the Lord of the Empty Hades. It's a big holiday. The five-element crocodile curled his lips aside and answered for Lin Tian, simply saying something about Lin Tian and the Lord of Kongming, including that the Dark God King and others ran to the past era to kill Lin Tian's young body. When the old hoodlum heard this, he immediately stared at Lin Tiandao and said, "Send someone to the lower world to suppress you. In the end, those people who dealt with you in the lower world actually went to the past era to kill you in their incarnations."? That's a lot of courage! As he spoke, he sneered again and said, "Of course, I'm also very ignorant. I think it's no big deal to go back and kill a man with my incarnation."? Joke! How can the times and events that have passed be changed at will? Even if the past is the incarnation of cutting off the causal link, in the end, if you really do something to change the past, you will die without even leaving the dregs. "Really?" Lin Tian was surprised. When he first learned from Yan Ya'er and Ruoxian that the Dark God King and others were returning to the past by incarnation, he thought that returning to the past by incarnation to change something was only the destruction of the incarnation at most. The noumenon paid a little price, but he did not expect that it was not so simple. Even if the incarnation that cut off most of the connections returned to the past, the noumenon would suffer as well. Nonsense, change the past, that is really acting against heaven, even if the king does that, the same dead even slag is not left, no matter by any means to cut the causal link to cover up, will not be useful, even, as strong as the king, back to the past,ceramic bobbin element, as long as the idea of moving to change the past is likely to be eaten back by heaven and earth, may not have changed the past directly died, therefore, The more powerful people are, the more they dare not go back to the past to change history. The old hoodlum was very solemn and said: "Your daughter is to control the law of time and have time to protect her body, so that she can go back to the past to contact you, or even touch your body. If other people go back to the past to contact you, it is estimated that it will disappear in an instant, and will be directly swallowed up by the rules of different times." Hearing what the old hoodlum said,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Lin Tian, the Five Elements Crocodile, Xiao Taichu and the White Tiger were all moved. Getting involved in the past turned out to be much more terrible than they had imagined. Especially Lin Tian, his back was cold for a moment, and he couldn't help patting his chest. Fortunately, it was Xiao Ruoxian who went back to stop the seven people. Fortunately, Xiao Ruoxian controlled the law of time. If not, he couldn't imagine the consequences. But, speaking of, you can give birth to such an excellent daughter, and you can control time! The old hoodlum opened his mouth again and stared at Lin Tian. At this time, it was an incredible expression. After all, although the power of time was not as good as order on the surface, it had infinite growth, and no one could control it since ancient times. Lin Tian squints at him: "My gene is very strong!" "Genes?"? What the hell? The old gangster frowned. You don't understand even if you say it. Lin Tiandao, this word is the vocabulary of scientific and technological civilization on the earth, and the powerful monks of ancient inheritance naturally do not know it. It means blood. The white tiger opens his mouth. He has lived on the earth for a long time. Naturally, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,7g Ozone Generator, he understands what these two words mean. Boom! Suddenly, there was a roar in the distance. Lin Tian and his party immediately looked at the past, in the distance, where the canyon, the Lord of Empty Hades and others had entered the canyon, someone was starting to disperse some of the dark fog floating in the canyon and causing the space there to shake from time to time. Soon after, the dark mist in that area was swept away, leaving two people outside the valley with more than a hundred figures, while the others followed the Lord of Kongming Dao towards the canyon, and went into a very long distance in a blink of an eye. The old man, who seemed to be the strongest man in the generation of Kongming Taoism, went in himself. Lin Tian looked there. He learned a lot of things about the Lord of Empty Hades from the Dark God King and others, and naturally knew that the other side was the strongest of the generation of Empty Hades. After all, it is the secret house of the founder of Kongming Taoism, which is of great importance, and the strongest person in this vein naturally has to come in person. The old gangster said. Lin Tian looked there, and soon the Empty Hades and others went deeper into the canyon and completely disappeared into their field of vision. Go in now? He asked the old gangster. Old hoodlum nods: "Go!" At that moment, a group of people hid their bodies, carefully approached the canyon, and soon came to the edge of the canyon. Guarding the edge of the canyon are two gods, who are very powerful. However, the old hoodlum is now a sub-holy level, and there are some treasures on his body. Naturally, it is impossible for the two gods to be discovered. He hides his body and breath directly, passes through the eyes of the two gods, steps directly into the canyon, and then goes all the way to the depths of the canyon. Soon, they went far away. At this time, there was another roar in front of them. From a distance, there was a strange small world appearing not far away. There was a rainbow light spreading and interweaving there, as if it were a new fairy world. Obviously, this small world is the secret amulet left in this place by the founder of Kongming Taoism. But at this time, Kongming Taoist Lord and others apparently broke the ban outside the secret house, led by Kongming Taoist Lord, most of them stepped out of the small world in a twinkling of an eye, leaving nine people outside the small world, all of them are powerful monks of Yasheng level. Old man, can you hide from Yasheng's perception? Lin Tian asked the old hoodlum. At this time, they are still far away from the location of the secret house, do not worry about being found, but if they continue to approach, it is hard to say, after all, it is nine Yasheng. Don't worry The old hoodlum, holding the strange mirror that had broken the door of the space before, shook out a trace of transparent brilliance, enveloped a group of people, and then leaned forward. After that, as the old hoodlum said, Xuanjing was so unusual that it covered his body and breath. Even if Yasheng could not find it, they entered the secret house very smoothly from the guard of nine Yasheng. As far as the eye can see, within the secret mansion, the mountains and rivers are continuous, with a very strong spirit of spiritual energy,ceramic bobbin heater core, which is not much different from a real big world. Looking farther away, a huge palace was laid out horizontally, and the breath of the years was so strong that it was full of divine splendor.