Faint voice, sounded in the heart of the shepherd dust. Sniff. The dark purple light seals on the Osumi Pillar were quickly melted at this time. Boom! Accompanied by the melting of the seal, the Osumi Demon Pillar suddenly trembled violently, only to see the original huge Demon Pillar, which was not controlled by the dust at this time, expanded rapidly. From a distance, it looked like a pillar of the sky, and the terrible evil force emanating from the Demon pillar also rose crazily at this time. The whole world turned red in an instant. The force of the evil spirit made people palpitate. Even the directors of the spiritual houses high in the sky were slightly discolored by this terrible evil force. President Tai Cang also looked at this scene with his eyes slightly congealed. With a touch of surprise in his eyes, he murmured, "Are you going to unlock the seal of the Osumi Magic Pillar?"? But such ancient evil things are definitely not easy to control. This Osumi Demon Pillar used to be the treasure of the Dragon Demon Palace. President Taicang knew something about it, so he knew its power very well. If the Dragon Demon Palace could repair this Osumi Demon Pillar, I'm afraid it would be very difficult to win even if they had the help of Beiming Longkun in Beicang Lingyuan. Now this big Sumi magic pillar fell into the hands of the herdsman dust, but his strength today, can really control it? Such a lethal weapon, once unable to control, is likely to be eaten back. All the people between heaven and earth are staring at the fierce magic pillar in the sky. Muchen also looked up at this time. He looked at the huge magic pillar in front of him. After unlocking the seal, the surface of the magic pillar seemed to have scarlet cracks. Those cracks seemed to be the mouth of the devil, constantly spitting out the power of the evil spirit. Now the Osumi magic pillar obviously revealed its most ferocious side. As soon as Muchen's body moved, it appeared directly at the top of the Osumi Demon Pillar. Boom! But his body just fell,Magnesium Oxide powder, the big Sumi magic pillar suddenly a tremor, a violent evil force into blood, direct is merciless to him swept away, such evil things, but absolutely can not be easily tamed, this big Sumi magic pillar of extraordinary origin, such a powerful evil thing,Magnesium Sulphate price, must be spiritual, in the past the herding dust will seal it, it can only lurk, now once the seal is unlocked, Naturally, it will no longer be willing to let the shepherd dust control it. Hum In the face of Osumi Demon Pillar's counter-attack, Mu Chen gave a cold hum, apparently anticipating this. With a heavy stamp on the soles of his feet, he saw the dark purple light lines spreading rapidly along the soles of his feet, and the light lines filled the air, and those terrible evil forces suddenly weakened again like the tide. Although this Osumi Demon Pillar is overbearing and fierce, the "immortal page" in Muchen's body just has the power to restrain it. Suffering from the counterattack of the herdsman dust, the Osumi Demon Pillar finally converged and dared not easily launch a counter-attack on the herdsman dust. Now that you are obedient, Magnesium Oxide price ,dap diammonium phosphate, borrow all your strength! Muchen felt the quiet Osumi Demon Pillar, then smiled, and immediately sat down directly on the top of the huge Osumi Demon Pillar. He lifted his hands lightly, only to see the scarlet evil force rising into the sky and turning into a scarlet light pillar like a substance, which directly covered up Muchen's figure. Sniff! A steady stream of evil forces poured into the body of the herdsman, and finally, like a dragon, rushed into the sea of air in the body of the herdsman. After unlocking the seal, the Osumi Demon Pillar is obviously countless times more fierce than when it was sealed, and the power of the evil spirit is far from comparable to that of the past. Violent and vast evil forces continue to pour into the sea of air, the whole sea of air, is therefore beginning to become red, and finally the degree of accommodation of the sea of air gradually reached the limit, a sharp sense of pain, quietly came. However, in the face of this sharp pain, Mu Chen is motionless, still urging the Osumi Demon Pillar to pour the evil force into the sea of air regardless of it. Sniff. Severe pain came, and when the air sea could no longer be contained because of the pressure of the evil force, there was a sudden slight distortion in the center of the air sea, and when the distortion reached its acme, a small black spot suddenly emerged, that small black spot, extremely small, a strange wave emanated from it. It's like hiding a strange little world. When that small black spot appeared, a terrible suction also burst out from it, and suddenly the force of evil spirits in the sea of air roared up, and finally all of them were swallowed up by that small black spot. In a short but familiar time, the sea of air became empty again, and the slightest spiritual power no longer existed. At the top of the magic pillar, Mu Chen's body trembled slightly. He immediately raised his head and smiled at Ji Xuan, who was staring at him in the distant sky with a gloomy face. He immediately stood up and spread out his hands slowly. Boom! The space behind Muchen suddenly appeared distorted at this time, and in that space distortion, it seemed that there was a blood-red ocean emerging, which was also a vast ocean of spiritual power, but the spiritual power in the ocean was blood-red, like blood gathering, looking extremely bloody. But the so-called bloody did not pay attention to it, but the countless people were shocked to look at the blood-red ocean in the distorted space behind the shepherd dust, and some people's eyes even gushed out with horror. Supreme Sea! Mu Chen unexpectedly also opened up the Supreme Sea?! "Has Brother Muchen also opened up the Supreme Sea?" Yuxi looked at this scene and was pleasantly surprised. Ye Qingling they are also a face of incredible, after all, before entering the mirror of trial, Mu Chen is only a difficult strength,Magnesium Oxide price, but now, it is a sudden step to open up the level of the Supreme Sea, this is too terrible? "That is not the supreme sea opened up by the herdsman." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com