This year, he said, the house suddenly added three Ding, three happiness, so, plan birthday day, big banquet guests, to celebrate. Four Wangfu has been very low-key, rare to have such a big happy event, the house has been busy from top to bottom. Heard that the present emperor will also come in person, the people are playing the spirit of twelve points, everything is prepared in detail. Everyone is excited and excited. Of course, there are also those who are unhappy and frightened when they hear the news, such as Su Wen, such as Mo Shuang. Mo Shuang did not know what was the purpose of Leng Qisu's doing this? I wonder if he already knows who the baby in Suwen's belly is? I do not know why, the heart is a very bad feeling, always feel that something is going to happen in general. The feeling almost weighed her down. Time flies, and the sixth day of June is coming. The four palaces were decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, the sky was covered with red silks, and there were busy figures everywhere. The women in the mansion were all dressed up as if they were brides. Youmei Garden Mo Shuang stood in front of the bronze mirror with a pale face and did not know what he was thinking. Princess, how about this? Lily, carrying a goose-yellow brocade skirt, made a gesture on her body,heavy duty rack manufacturers, looked at the bronze mirror and asked. Whatever! Mo Shuang didn't even look at it. How can you be casual? I want to see the emperor today. The princess did not see those women, one by one dressed like a flower, although the princess you are naturally beautiful, you do not have to be like them, but after all, you should pay attention to one point. Lily took the trouble to pick up another purple Shu brocade skirt and shook it in front of her. "Ah," Mo Shuang sighed impatiently, "that's it!" . In front of the palace Leng Qisu was dressed in a purple robe, with a jade belt and a python pattern,industrial racking systems, black hair and a white crown of jade. The summer sun cast down, plating his body with bright brilliance, setting off his handsome appearance, peerless. Behind him was a full house of people from top to bottom, as well as officials who came to congratulate him. They are all waiting to meet the present emperor. Mo Shuang stood on the right side of Leng Qisu, looking sideways at the man whose face was like a crown jade and whose spirit was like a jade, with an indescribable feeling in his heart. His face was calm, his thin lips were lightly pursed, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and his black eyes were looking at the yellow guard of honor getting closer and closer, completely unaware of what he was thinking. She turned her head to look at Suwen on the side, and saw that her face was pale, her body trembled slightly, and she looked shaky. I couldn't help feeling sad in my heart. Is this what Leng Qisu said about having his own idea? With a slight sigh. What's the matter? Leng Qisu turned his head and gently took her hand. His black eyes were full of deep concern. "Is it uncomfortable to have such cold hands on such a hot day?" "No," Mo Shuang smiled, trying to hide the surge of emotion in his heart, automated warehouse systems ,warehouse storage racks, "maybe it's because he stood too long?" "It's hard for you!" Leng Qisu nodded and said gently, "Fortunately, the emperor has come to meet him, so you can go in and rest for a while." "Well!" As he spoke, he heard a shrill voice, "The emperor is here!" Tongue of Fire 133 inches: Wang Ye's Birthday Banquet As he spoke, he heard a shrill voice, "The emperor is here!" . "Long live the emperor!" Seeing the bright yellow shadow getting closer and closer, Leng Qisu bent over with all the people. They are all members of our own family. There is no need to be so polite. It should be as casual as our own banquet. Mo Shuang heard the familiar voice, and for a moment his heart was very complicated. The voice that she once thought was the most beautiful in the world, the man who once vowed to marry when he grew up, is this the man? Does he know about Suwen's pregnancy? You should know! Since Leng Qisu said that he was taking advantage of his birthday to celebrate the upcoming addition of Sanding, he must have known to play. Will he be indifferent? Just as he was thinking, suddenly, an arm lifted her up with her waist in its arms. She was caught off guard and fell straight into the man's arms, with the faint, familiar ambergris lingering on the tip of her nose. Face suddenly a red, although Yi brother said as a family banquet general casual, but after all, so many people at the door, large and small family members, Leng Qisu so generous embrace, let her still feel embarrassed to the extreme. "The fourth elder brother and the fourth sister-in-law are so affectionate that they really envy others." The voice of Leng Qiyi's joke came. Mo Shuang looked up subconsciously, teasing words, but there was no smile in brother Yi's eyes. Does he care? Strangely, all this could no longer stir up a ripple in her heart. Leng Qi Sujue Yan smiled, black eyes glanced at the side of Mo Shuang, warm. The meaning of ignorance and affection is not concealed. At the end of the speech, he smiled at Leng Qiyi and made a gesture of invitation to him, neither humble nor arrogant. "Leng Qiyi nodded with a smile and turned to take the lead in entering the house.". The crowd had already automatically divided into two rows, giving way to a wide road in the middle. He walked majestically in front of everyone, and at a certain moment, he saw Su Wen, and his eyes moved slightly. A casual glance had made Suwen tremble so much that he could hardly control himself. Leng Qisu followed closely with Mo Shuang, and then the officials, and finally the female dependents of the palace and the servants. The banquet was held in the front hall of the palace. More than a dozen tables were set up in the huge front hall. Leng Qiyi and today's four main characters, Leng Qisu, Mo Shuang, Su Wen, and Meng Ruxue, as well as Princess Yun Tide on the side of the palace, Leng Qixi, the eleven princes, and Leng Qichen, the nine princes who seldom came and went, were sitting in the center. The rest of the people were also seated quickly according to the seats assigned in advance. Rows of maidservants filed in with trays in their hands, and in a short time the table was filled with all kinds of delicate dishes. Next to each table, there were two maidservants in charge of arranging dishes, and they began to pour Qiong juice into the wine cups of the people in turn. Mo Shuang searched again, but did not find the figure of Linglong. Leng Qisu really protected her thoroughly! Just this thought, her heart can not help but a burst of sour. Over there, Leng Qiyi picked up the cup of wine,pallet rack shelving, symbolically delivered a few words, and said that the banquet would begin. All of a sudden, it was very lively. The atmosphere at their table was very strange and extremely divided.