"Did you go to a lot of trouble to send all the people away to kill them?" Qin Youxuan forked a piece of ham into her mouth, looked up carelessly, and glanced at Jin Chenye who came up to her. Jin Chenye lowered his eyes and looked fixedly at Qin Youxuan, who once had only him in his eyes, and his eyes darkened. Now from her bright pupil, he can no longer be found in the shadow. "I just want to tell you that you don't need to do anything more, let alone believe those false reports, Qin's enterprise is yours, I won't rob you!" "Won't you rob me?"? Are you telling a joke? Qin Youxuan put down his knife and fork, smiled sarcastically, and stood up from his chair. Being looked down at by him, I always feel that I am short to speak. You won't rob me. Why are you in a hurry to go back to China? If you won't rob me, what is your mother doing? Qin Youxuan put one hand on the table and looked at him with a sneer. Did you say something wrong, a false report? No, those reports are not false at all, if I do not fight back, it will soon become the truth! "Do you have to talk to me like that?" Jin Chenye tightened his eyebrows and felt a dull pain in his eyes. Qin Youxuan choked his chest and tightened his five fingers on the table. "Don't look at me like that. From the moment you decided to return home, there was nothing to say between us." "I don't believe it." Jin Chenye grabbed Qin Youxuan's arm and put him in his arms. "Xiaoxuan, listen to me. I never thought I would take over everything in the Qin family. I never would before or after!" "Let go!" Qin Youxuan forced to break away from his shackles, but found that the strength of the man's hand was surprising, slightly staring at him,Horse weight lbs, "Jin Chenye, you.." Chapter 89 are you satisfied with the answer? "Entering the company is just fulfilling my mother's wish. She's been waiting all her life. I can't be unfilial.." "Let me go!" As soon as Qin Youxuan heard Jin Lan's name, he immediately followed the cat whose tail had been stepped on, and instantly exploded! He lowered his head and bit Jin Chenye's arm, pulled his arm out of his palm, and stepped back several steps. A face of anger. Your mother waited all her life? Jin Chenye, you have the nerve to say! If she hadn't been shameless, knowing that my father was married and destroying other people's marriages,Diameter tape measure, my mother would not have died! Do you know how my mother died? My mother was forced to die! The person who forced her to die was Jin Lan, that bitch! "Xiao Xuan!" Don't say my name! Jin Chenye, you listen, since you stepped into this home, you have chosen to help Jin Lan deal with me, why are you hypocritical now? If you don't want the family property, why do you come back? Tell me! Qin Youxuan roared at the top of her voice. No one is more unacceptable than her, and the person who was right at the beginning has become an enemy in an instant. Help the person she hates the most, put a knife in her heart! "Are you satisfied with the answer that I returned home just to see you?" Jin Chenye a face of injury, looking at her alienated attitude, resentful eyes, the heart is more uncomfortable than anything. See me? How interesting Qin Youxuan smiled, smiling beautifully, with a trace of a woman's small charm, and implied sarcasm. A few steps forward, fish measuring tape ,Walking tape measure, reached out and hooked Jin Chenye's neat tie, and his charming little face came forward. "I said, Master Jin, have you forgotten that we are brother and sister?" Jin Chenye's eyes darkened, and he reached out and clasped her wrist and pulled her to himself. Bastard! Let go! Qin Youxuan came to his senses and shook off his hand forcefully, with disgust. Jin Chenye, don't tell me that you don't even spare your own sister? Aware of the man's unwillingness and madness, Qin Youxuan stared at him in shock and roared out. "Bang-" Jin Chenye's body stiffened, a punch hit the wall, red eyes, "do not need you to remind me over and over again, I know better than anyone, you are my sister!" If not, how could he watch her leave. If not, how could he not wait to come back after she left, but dare not do anything. Even if I look at her more, I feel like a despicable pervert! Why, the world is so big, the population is so many, but they are brother and sister, why?! Jin Chenye swung his fist and hammered a few punches on the wall, and his knuckles began to ooze blood, dyeing the white wall painting red. Qin Youxuan was so frightened by him that he dared not move, half ringing, and then mumbled, "What's wrong with you?" Chapter 90 out-of-control feelings. "Whether my mother is right or wrong, she is my mother, I can not look at her pain, but indifferent." Jin Chenye stared at the man in his arms and clenched his teeth. It's not that he doesn't hate being caught in the middle, but he's not willing to leave. He stayed, at least every day to see her in front of him, joy, anger, sorrow and joy, even if it is to shake the face, it is better than thousands of miles apart. But now, he has become more and more uncertain, he came back, in the end is right or wrong. Watching the beloved girl turn against him, how painful it is. “…… That would be a reason for you to hurt me? Qin Youxuan looked up at him in disbelief and clenched his fists. "I never think there's anything wrong with you helping her. But don't dream of helping that bitch while pretending to be a good man in front of me. Jin Chenye, from the moment you step into this house, it should be very clear that either you go or I'm swept out of the house. I'll never show mercy to you!" Qin Youxuan shouted ferociously, pushed away the man in front of him, and turned out of the restaurant. He went back to his room, picked up his bag and rushed out of the house. As if a second later, it would be unbearable because of the hot eyes of the man behind him. "Ye son, I help you to print your information, you see if this is." What happened to your hand?! Jin Lan turned over for a long time before she found a document similar to what Jin Chenye said,Adhesive fish ruler, printed it and sent it down. As soon as he entered the dining room, he saw his stiff body and his fingers dripping with blood, and his face turned white with fear. What's going on here? How did you hurt your good hand? Where are the people? Why aren't there any servants. "Housekeeper!"! Housekeeper! Give me someone quickly! 。 tapemeasure.net