Looking at his hands, Gu Xichao sighed lightly. What do you have? Chapter 66 abuse, cruel abuse, hard abuse. At this time, there was silence in the arena of the lost island of the gods. Everyone was shocked to see the figure falling to the ground on the round arena. No one was willing to make any sound for fear of disturbing the soul of the weak but tough young man. (7wwwCOM) At the same time, the shy boy in the blue and purple Taoist robe who would rather die than admit defeat, as well as his gentle and shy smile, were deeply engraved in their minds. The three little apprentices waving in the audience had already cried into tears, and Lan Ying squatted on the ground and cried loudly. Until someone handed over a handkerchief, and then spontaneously, everyone clapped at the three bewildered children. This applause is the most precious gift for their master. Respect. At this time, no one knows what happened in the space of consciousness at that moment, and no one knows that the remnant night has revealed his identity to Gu Xichao. The game is still going on, but the atmosphere is totally different. Soulful. All the playful expressions were completely absent, and everyone attached great importance to the game, as if fooling the game would be a blasphemy to the boy called mosquito. The right hand of the shadow of the moon holding the bone fan has been faintly white. She had always looked down on the shy and gentle teenager, thinking that he was just an ordinary and lucky player,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but it was also the child she looked down on that shocked her heart. Though I die, I will not regret. She clearly saw the smile that escaped from his lips after he fell to the ground. It's like. Like that man's smile. Clean and clear. The same. Fall in front of yourself. Lips are holding a comfortable smile. In a trance. Mobile phone station: two time and space overlap. Two equally shy and gentle teenagers overlapped. So that the shadow of the moon can not tell whether it is a mosquito. She was once a close relative. Glass. The next one. I'll come The shadow of the moon took a step in a hurry. Walk out of the lounge before the other person has decided on the choice. The hand holding the bone fan was trembling at a very high frequency. She now desperately needs a battle to calm her inner uncertainty. At this time. The opposite Nangong also got up and went out. And the shadow of the moon arrived at the arena at the same time. Group 57 vs Group 172, Scene 2, West, Moon Shadow, East, Nangong. Nangong did not speak,304 Stainless Steel Wire, but put on a glove on his right hand and stabbed out four claw blades with cold light from the four raised joints on the back of his fist. His weapon is the claw. See here, the shadow of the moon can not help laughing. He shook his bone fan, drew an arc in front of his chest to the top of his head, and retreated his left foot to the virtual point of his right foot. The right hand opened the bone fan flat and prepared for the posture. Game, start! For Nangong, this game will be the biggest setback in his life. Yes, defeat, not defeat. Since ancient times, the long soldier overcomes the short soldier. The fan method condenses the dance martial arts and even brings the shadow of yoga. It is famous for its flexibility and lack of attack. But the shadow of the moon made up for this shortcoming by poisoning the blade of the fan bone. More importantly, Nangong uses claws. That is to say, if he wants to attack the shadow of the moon, he must reach out his hand. Another characteristic of the fan method is that the fan can be closed by blocking and opened by attacking. As long as the fan is opened in an instant by blocking the attack of Nangong, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, the sharp and poisonous fan blade can leave Nangong a wound that can be large or small. In this way, the shadow of the moon against Nangong is already doomed to win. Star Pavilion first issue. But will the shadow of the moon give up such a good chance to vent? Looking at the killing intention in the eyes of the moon shadow on the stage, Li Jing smiled and looked back at the place where the handsome young man named Mosquito had sat. Silently walked over and sat down, as if feeling the warmth left by the child. On the arena, knowing the shortcomings of his weapon, Nangong never dared to start. He was afraid that he would be cut into meat strips by the shadow of the moon in the water blue samurai suit, so he had to nervously watch the shadow of the moon with a purple poisonous bone fan in his hand and swallow a little saliva. Nangong is careful here, but the shadow of the moon is thinking about how to play to slow down the death of the other side. The twinkling of an eye thought, suddenly a brilliant smile, close the fan forward right hand swing bone fan straight to Nangong eyebrow. Slipping against his bangs. With his legs crossed, an immortal sat under the lotus. Let Nangong react to the straight hook claw fluttered empty. Taking advantage of Nangong forward force to vent, the shadow of the moon with a playful smile got up and swung a fan, after Nangong jumped back and ran after it, followed by a fierce tiger pulling out the mountain, opened the fan and swept Nangong's arm while he dodged the unstable center of gravity to fly a foot, a front leg kick in the past, kicked Nangong under the re-opened shield, watching his backward force being removed by the shield. He sat down on the ground. At this time, the shadow of the moon stood up again, opened the bone fan and shook it in front of his chest, looking comfortable. Anyone with a discerning eye will know that the shadow of the moon is playing with the fan to amuse each other. It was impossible for Nangong not to know that it was not accidental that the poisonous bone fan slipped across his face twice and three times, but that the shadow of the moon had done it intentionally, and the anger in his heart was burning. He has always been the most important thing is his face, even if the last time he was beaten by glass, he tried his best to protect his face to prevent injury, and the shadow of the moon is greeting him on his face, can he not be angry? The murderous look honed in Beiguluzhou spread. Nangong's eyes were bloodshot. He completely gave up letting go and only focused on attacking. Every style was aimed at tearing the human body apart. What is gentle and refined, what is peaceful and nourishing, all after Chi Yaoyang turned into ashes and was insulted, he now has only a bright red and huge word in his mind. Kill! The white dress phantom, the blue robe is dark, one white one basket two figures speed up gradually, until leaves a residual shadow on the gladiator arena. Suddenly, with a crisp sound, Nangong fell to the ground with a low roar, stepping on the semicircular shield, covering half of his face with his left hand and panting. Nangong Turtle, now see how you can play with flowers with your face. Moon shadow also fell down, left hand in the back, right hand unfolded bone fan gently shook two times,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, the expression is quite comfortable, as if leisurely, shake the fan to enjoy the cool general wanton natural and unrestrained. sxthsteel.com