Looking at Madi's costume, Ye Huo can certainly understand what the horse is going to do, the so-called massage is not.. "Is it a shame to lose?"! Go and change your clothes! Ye Huo glared at the horse and then shouted. Hey, "Hey," Maddy was also a little embarrassed. It was really a shame to be caught in the act. As for the silent communication between Ye Huo and Madi, Milan also understood it! With a white look at the horse, Milan's eyes were full of contempt for the shameless guy. Not long after, Maddy changed into a brand-new suit and came down from upstairs. Looking at Maddy like a man, no one would have thought about what happened to this dirty guy just now. What's the matter, Big Brother? Madi's tone was not flustered at all, and he asked Ye Huo, who was looking at him. Cough! "Ye Huo coughed for a moment and then said," You go to the Vatican with Michael tomorrow. Remember not to run around. It will soon be the holy book of the Holy See for thousands of years. You must ensure the smooth progress of the holy book of the Holy See. " Ye Huo didn't reveal much to Madi, not because he didn't believe it, but because Ye Huo sent Michael and Madi mainly for fishing. If let Madi know that he is going to act, then the authenticity is somewhat lacking, so Ye Huo did not tell Ma Ji,Serum Bottle With Dropper, anyway, when he will appear there, with him, Madi's safety is not a problem. Hmm? Hearing Ye Huo's command, how could the clever horse not know what the situation was! It was obvious that on that day someone would run to make trouble, and he was sent to stop those troublemakers. The eldest brother said that someone would go to the Vatican to make trouble? To tell you the truth, I don't think anyone on earth dares to go to trouble with the Vatican. Although his perception is not as good as Ye Huo's,Blue Bottle Serum, over the past few days, he has traveled almost all over the earth, and has some knowledge of the overall strength of the earth. There is no demigod on this earth except the Pope, who is a demigod of the seventh order. Of course, this does not include what was brought up by Ye Huo. Ye Huo shook his head and said, "Don't ask so many questions. Just remember that you and Michael must make sure that the holy scriptures go smoothly." Ye Huo did not want to reveal too much, lest Madi reveal anything at that time. Yes! Maddy nodded, after all, since the eldest brother has arranged, it must have the intention of the eldest brother. You go, go by plane! Let Michael's field cover you, which will help you hide your strength! Ye Huo knew that the closer he got to the holy book, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,30ml Dropper Bottle, the more careful he was. If Madi used his ability to teleport or fly directly, it would be easy to expose himself in advance and be blocked halfway. Oh The horse nodded his head. He took back the fiery angel Michael, who was suspended beside Ye Huo, and left the temple. Hey, do you want Matty and Michael to be the bait? Milan has been watching. She knew that Ye Huo let Ma Ji and Michael go in order to draw out the four gods. After all, the strength of Michael and Madi was beyond the capacity of the world. Even if the four gods found believers, they would certainly not be able to surpass them. In this case, the four gods would kill Michael and Ma Ji, and Ye Huo would choose to do it at that time. As Milan thought, Ye Huo let Ma Ji and Mi Ranle go fishing, as long as the four gods appear, then Ye Huo will not let them run away, the power of his reincarnation law is only clear to himself! "It's not bait. It's bait for the fish. But Michael and Madi won't be in danger because I'll be hiding there, too." Ye Huo smiled at Milan. many Even if you lose your memory. You are so insidious that people don't like you! But you let Marty and Michael go so early, so why did you stay? Milan was puzzled. Just as Milan's voice fell, the new mobile phone in Ye Huo's pocket vibrated! Taking out his cell phone, Ye Huo grinned and said, "For this!" "Hello!"! Gu Yue! Ye Huo deliberately put on a look of surprise, that feeling let the side of Milan listen to a frown! "Well!"! I miss you! I miss you! Ye Huo's performance is absolutely the best actor, because Ye Huo's performance has filled Milan's heart with discomfort! She was not very clear that Ye Huo was going to deal with Zhang Kai and Gu Yue, so when she heard Ye Huo's disgusting love words, she foolishly thought that Ye Huo was in love with a woman! And this woman is still a human who doesn't know the identity of Ye Huo. This is ridiculous for Milan! Can human beings be better than themselves? Milan really wanted to meet the woman on the phone at this moment. Ah? The banquet of Zhang Kai's family? I can't go! Although Ye Huo was full of embarrassment when he spoke, there was a look of hatred on his face. Ye Huo thought, "It seems that the relationship between Gu Yue and Zhang Kai is progressing very fast, because in the last life, Gu Yue would invite herself to Zhang Kai's birthday party at least two years later." And this birthday party is certainly not going to be a good one! What is the identity of Zhang Kai, what is the identity of his father Zhang Long, and what kind of people they met as their father and son, even if they think about it with their toes. But in this case, he invited Ye Huo, a poor boy, to go. Ye Huo didn't think Zhang Kai was the kind of person who only looked at his friends and didn't look at others. If that was true, then he didn't know that he would get closer and closer to Gu Yue. Obviously, this party is to insult myself and make myself humiliated in front of those rich people! "Yeah, I will. Yeah, okay." See you tonight! " Ye Huo finished hanging up his mobile phone, and then left the valuable mobile phone on the table next to him. What, the little lover's phone? Ye Huo, who was too absorbed in thinking about tonight's banquet, forgot the existence of Milan,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and Milan suddenly spoke in a voice that was bitter enough to kill people. Ye Huo almost jumped up from his seat! Milan looked at Ye Huo's appearance, eyes suddenly more than a trace of strange meaning, but the tone is still bitter way: "Look at you scared like this know.". penghuangbottle.com