Ning Zheng did not pay attention to my disdainful expression, but continued to say word by word: "Fengyang Festival Lantern Festival, I stayed in the capital for you, by the calculation of Jingyan.". Shadow thought you would be my biggest weakness, just in case, they took the initiative to go to your house, did not expect to kill your aunt by mistake. But since the shadow is the organization of my Bei An Hou, I recognize this account. "What happened next?" I try to make myself more stable, in the face of this once childhood sweetheart, now may be an enemy, I do not want to become a fragile woman who can only cry. I really inspired Keer to enter the palace. I didn't force her, but according to her strong personality, she always wanted to contribute to Bei'an. I'm her brother, and I admit it. Ning Zheng went on to say, "I did send someone to place the explosives for the explosion in the Blessing Hall. The location of the explosives was very precise, because I had the drawings of the project.". I told Ning Wang, who was in charge of the project, that I was interested in the Hall of Blessing. The silly boy did not doubt him and gave it to me easily. I really wanted to kill Jingyan at the ceremony of hanging the plaque, but I didn't expect that Jingyan would let you attend the ceremony. I had no choice but to instruct Keer to frame you in the Shengyuan Hall. For fear of your suspicion, I deliberately went to the original temple to add insult to injury to you. I have also recognized this account. "You all admit it." I suppressed the tremor in my voice,outdoor whirlpool tub, and he recognized them one by one. Shouldn't I be happy? Shouldn't it be safe to avenge the dead? But why do I just feel that even standing has become a burden? Now that you admit it, well, I'm leaving. I twisted my arm, but he still held me firmly and refused to let go. No, let go and hear me out. Ning Zheng stubbornly pulled me and calmly said: "I recognize what I should recognize.". I'm not supposed to admit it. I want you to listen. I shook my head desperately, pulled my arms out forcefully, and finally burst into tears: "You let me go,endless pool factory, I don't want to listen to what you say any more." "Listen!" Ning Zheng's voice became firm, pulling me close to him, holding my chin and forcing me to look up at him: "Keer is pregnant. I was really worried that the fetus would become a stumbling block to Bei'an in the future. I also expressed this worry to Keer.". So she was used by a conscientious person to poison the tonic I gave Keer, which made her fetal gas unstable! Bei An Hou Fu is not as simple as Xiao Fu, plus Keer's mood has been very sensitive after pregnancy, so she began to suspect me, and even guard against me! But harm Keer this account, I do not admit! I knew that Jingyan would not be willing to be a nominal emperor, and I knew that sooner or later he would settle accounts with us, so I arranged explosives in the prayer hall to kill Jingyan. But the plan was stopped by me the night before the plaque was put up, because I couldn't make up my mind to disobey my father's words, and I didn't want it to harm Fengyi. She's your sister, and I know how much you care about her! But I did not have the time and opportunity to withdraw the explosives, I thought everything would be in time after the plaque ceremony, jacuzzi bath spa ,hot tub manufacturers, but it was done by a conscientious person. I don't recognize the account of blowing up Jingyan and Fengyi! "You don't recognize it?"? You first admitted one by one, and then overturned one by one, Ning Zheng, are you playing games with me? Do you think I'm going to let you go because of the past? I never thought you would give in to me, never! It's me, Yunyi, maybe it's too late for me to say now, but you don't know how many things I compromise with myself for you! Including me now in prison, if I did not listen to you that day, killed the maid of the raccoon clothes Bureau, then now I am still a magnificent Beian Hou Ye! I didn't kill her because you asked me that way. I don't want that maid of honor to be the second step in your heart! "You are talking nonsense. Everything you do is in the interests of Bei'an.". Including your feelings! I finally couldn't control my mood and shouted out. I knew I shouldn't be so loud. I knew I shouldn't collapse in front of him again. But my father, brother and sister died one after another in front of me, and all these things seemed to be related to him. Can I still be calm? I broke down in tears, and I couldn't lie to myself any more, and I couldn't keep my feelings in my heart any more. I could only say slowly: "Ning Zheng, I can't sleep well every night. I tell myself every night that I told myself that you didn't do these things, and then another self would jump out and condemn me.". Why should I believe what you say? Why should I find excuses and evidence for you! Not only Ning Keer hates me, but I hate myself! I regret, regret that I went to the paddock, regret that I stole to the damn Butterfly Spring, regret accepting your wooden butterfly, regret meeting you at the Fengyang Festival lantern show, regret not refusing your words'wait for me ', regret going to Bei'an to help you, I regret it! Ning Zheng looked at me in surprise and put his hands on my cheeks. Through the tears, I couldn't see his eyes clearly. I just felt that he was far away from me. Yunyi, you never told me that. I never meant to say it! Ning Zheng, I thought I would never say this to anyone in my life. It's unfair to Li Rui. I hung my head in despair, and my body could not stop trembling. It was not that I had not experienced pain. I also survived when the mother of the day had an attack. I also survived when I cut myself with a knife every day, and I survived when I was forced to leave Rui outside the capital. But now, I suddenly felt that the pain was nothing, father, aunt, sister and brother Jingyan. They will be the pain of my life. Ning Zheng, don't say what you have compromised for me. I can't stand it. You asked me to wait for you, but I couldn't do it. I pushed him away forcefully, holding the table firmly, saying word by word: "Yes, I want to accompany in this life, only Li Rui!"! I promised him outside the city, if he is willing to marry me, I will marry him, if he went to hell, I accompany him reincarnation! Xiao Ruoheng and I will certainly investigate the matter of the Hall of Blessing, but not for you,5 person hot tub, what is my feelings? It's nothing compared to the lives of my Xiao family! If you didn't do it in Beian, I'll give you a clean slate. If you did, I'll send you on your way! 。