Chapter 9 The Wrath of Ned Land Small./Say. Txt Heaven How long we slept, I don't know; but it must have been a long time, because our spirits were completely restored. I woke up the earliest. My companion had not yet moved, and was still sleeping in the corner, like a pile of things. When I got up from this hard bed, I immediately felt my mind clear and my spirit full. So I looked at our cell again. The layout inside has not changed at all. 。 A cell is still a cell, and a prisoner is still a prisoner. But the waiter took away the things on the table while we were asleep. There was no sign that our situation would change, and I calmly wondered if we were doomed to live in this cage forever. This thought of impending suffering was all the more distressing to me, because, though my mind was not as entangled as it had been yesterday, I always felt particularly depressed in my heart. It was very difficult for me to breathe, and the thick air was not enough for my lungs to breathe in and out. Although the cell was spacious, it was clear that we had consumed most of the oxygen in it. Each person is supposed to consume 100 liters of oxygen per hour, and when the air contains almost the same amount of carbon dioxide, it can not be breathed. It was urgent, therefore, to change the air in our cell, and no doubt the whole submarine. This brings me to a question. How does the head of the floating house solve the ventilation problem? Did he get the air chemically? Does potassium chlorate release oxygen by heating, or does potassium hydroxide absorb carbon dioxide? If so,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, he must have some contact with the land to get these chemical raw materials. Or does he just use the high pressure to store the air in a sealed room and then release the air according to the needs of the crew? Or so it is. Or, more convenient, economical, and possible, he would come up to the surface to breathe, like the cetaceans, and change the air twenty-four hours a day. In any case,Thyroid Powder Factory, either way, I think it's prudent to use it now. As a matter of fact, I had to intensify my breathing to absorb the little oxygen in the room, when I suddenly inhaled a fresh air with a salty taste of the sea, and I felt cool and light. This is the invigorating sea breeze; the sea breeze with a lot of iodine! I opened my mouth wide, filling my lungs with fresh air. At the same time, I felt the ship rocking. The tin monster clearly floated to the surface of the sea and breathed in the way whales breathe. So I was absolutely sure of the way the ship changed the air. Breathing the fresh air freely, I searched for the thing, or rather, the "breathing tube," that brought this nourishing gas around us, and I soon found it. Above the door, there is an air vent, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Sex Enhancement Powder, through which a burst of fresh air comes in to fill the lack of air in the room. While I was watching, Ned Land and Conseil, stimulated by the fresh air, woke up almost at the same time. They wiped their eyes, stretched their arms, and stood up. Did you sleep well, sir? Conseil asked politely as usual. Very good, Conseil. I answered. Master Ned Land, how did you sleep? Very sweet, Professor. I don't know if I'm mistaken, though, but it's like I'm breathing the sea breeze right now! A sailor can't be mistaken; I told the Canadian what happened while he was fast asleep. Yes He said: "That's exactly the kind of roar we heard when we saw this so-called narwhal on the Abraham Lincoln." "Yes, Master Ned Land, that's the sound of his breathing!" "But what time is it, Mr. Aronnax? I don't know at all. I'm afraid it's dinner time at least." "Honest Harpooner, at dinner?"? I'm afraid it's time for lunch at least, because we're on the second day since yesterday. "So," Conseil said, "we've been asleep for twenty-four hours." "I think so." I answered. "I don't disagree with you," Ned Land replied. "Dinner or lunch, whatever the waiter brings, is welcome." "Come to dinner and lunch." Conseil said. "Yes," replied the Canadian, "We have the right to ask for both. Personally, I have to try both." "Yes!"! "Ned Land, wait a minute," I replied. "It's clear now that these people don't want to starve us, because if they do, last night's dinner will be meaningless." "To fatten us up!" Ned Land. "I object to that," I replied. "We are not in the hands of man-eating barbarians!" "One meal is not the last word," the Canadian replied seriously. "Who knows if these people haven't had fresh meat for a long time? If so, like your professor, your servant and me, the flesh of three healthy people.." "Don't think so, Master Ned Land," I replied to the harpooner. "You can't oppose our master from this point of view. It will only make the situation more serious and more unfavorable." "Anyway," said the harpooner, "I'm so hungry that I won't bring dinner or dinner!" "Master Ned Land," I replied, "we have to follow the ship's rules. I think our appetites are ahead of mealtime." "Yes!"! "We'll set our appetites at the regular meal time!" Conseil answered quietly. Conseil, my good friend, I admire you for this,Glucono Delta Lactone, "the impetuous Canadian replied." You don't worry, and you don't get angry! Always calm, as if nothing had happened! Would you rather die of hunger than complain about it? You can move the after-dinner prayer to the dinner. "What's the use of complaining?" Conseil asked.